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July 3, 20130 Comments

Last week I was lucky enough to go to the roof top of the highest building in downtown San Diego to get shoot some stock footage for internal use. My coworker actually brought me  with him. He was shooting a bunch of mini time lapses for a spot he was working on. I love this kind of stuff. Birdseye views of the city. I want to get back up at dusk in the fall when the days are shorter. Best time to shoot time lapse since cars are still around.

I took my Panasonic GH3, Lumix 12-35 and 35-100 as well as a Canon C300 with me. Perfect 360 degree views of San Diego. The Two hours I spent up their went fast. The gem for me was this time lapse of the bay towards North Island.

This first shot looks out to south towards the Coronado Bridge. I love the 7-14mm lens Look how much I get at 7mm!

The second is the rooftop of America One. The platform is so cool! Like I said. Full 360 degree views. Our tripod legs git stuck in the floor a lot because of the steal grade.

Third shot is my favorite. Everything funnels into the middle.

If you want to see the full size images click on this link to see them on Flickr.

Super wide with the GH3 and 7-14 at 7mm



High up on the rooftop platform



GH3 with GH3 7-14 at 7mm.


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