Canon C100 Price Drop. $4999. Best In Class At That Price

January 2, 20140 Comments

Canon announced some rebates and price drops this week. The C500 has a rebate bringing it to$16,999 from $20K. This rebate ends January 4th.
Most of you are probably more interested in the C100. It’s now $4999. The Sony’s FS700 sells for $7699. That makes it $2700 less! The FS100 is $3999. but lack of built in ND filters is a deal breaker for me. The big advantage to the FS700 is overcranking, so if you really need it then throw down the extra $2700 on the FS700.  This in my eyes makes the C100″ best in value” in it’s class. Check out my review below.

I  like the C100 a lot. Great image and now you can get one at a great price. This isn’t a rebate. This is a price drop. Should you pick one up now? If you need a camera today yes. I think you get a lot of camera for the cost. Now if you’re really short on cash the Panasonic AF-100 is a bargain now. I’ve seen it as low as $2500.
Looking back the C300 is about two years old now. The C100 is still fairly new so I don’t think Canon will discontinue the C100 anytime soon but I have a feeling we could see a new camera that slides in between the C100 and C300. Maybe a better viewfinder and codec. Or an updated processor to give us more 1080 frame rates. It’s all guessing on my part but something is always in the works.

Click HERE to see all the rebates and offers available from Canon, also check out this post on great lenses for the Canon Cinema EOS line.

Here are a few promos I shot with the C100 and C300 cameras.

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C100 from B&H

C100 from

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