Panasonic Shows GH 4K at CES. Priced At $2000

January 7, 201410 Comments

Panasonic GH 4K


A lot of buzz over at CES today over this prototype GH 4K camera. It obviously is a GH3 with a branded 4K label but it does show Panasonic has intentions on making a mirrorless 4K camera and at this point Canon with the 1DC is the only other 4K capable DSLR. The interesting thing is it’s price point of $2000. After scouring the net for more info Engadget had the best info from a Panasonic rep.

UHD content can be recorded at 200 Mbps, and output in a full live feed via a mini-HDMI port (thanks to ALL-I Intra mode) to display on a computer or record to a hard drive. Of course, the Micro-Four Thirds shooter can save footage straight to an SDXC card — a UHS Class 3 prototype variant tuned for such a task was on display — though space will run out fairly quickly.

There’s no word how many megapixels the cam totes, but it will be able to simultaneously snap photos while recording video. More details are set to arrive with the camera’s official release in late February.

These are the rumored specs.

  • 16mp
  • 1/8000 shutter
  • 1mil dot OLED screen
  • 21mm OLED viewfinder, 3,000+ dot.
  • Time code
  • 200mbps mp4 All-i/100mbps IPB
  • 4k/30p
  • 4:2:2 10/8bit output
  • 3G-SDI and XLR adaptor (An adaptor that the camera sits on with XLR x2, HD-SDI x4)

Pretty interesting for sure! So now I’m thinking. If Panasonic has a MFT 4K sensor are we going to see an AF-100 4K at NAB this year? I would think so being this is the direction the industry is going. I would be very interested in a 4K AF-10o more so than a GH 4K since my work is primarily broadcast and audio capture in camera is important to me and the essentials like built in ND filters. Lets face it shooting video with a stills camera can be a PITA. LOL!
I just saw this video from the CES floor in front of the Panasonic booth. Seems more reserved than the original report but verified it is a Proof of Concept and not a working model.

All very interesting and a big take away is the rumored specks are to generous. I will keep my eye on this one!

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  1. Dick Osso says:

    Hi Erik

    A friend of mine in the same business as I, video….I am an event videographer……I was at B&H yesterday getting info for the Panasonic GH3 with the 12-35mm f2.8 lens.

    I am buying a light stand that rises to 12 feet where I am going to mount this camera….with Wifi….and shoot 1080p for Dance Recitals, weddings, parties……where this camera footage is the second camera….2 camera edit in FCP X.

    So my buddy sends me your email about the GH4 potential. Gearing up for 4K.

    My concern….my question…..falls into the BUY….BUY later……

    4K….sure, higher resolution……but how many 4K TVs are out there right now ? So why get the GH4 just for this 4K potential ? My friend is as he provides high end footage for web and broadcast.

    Is there any better settings in this GH4 that makes it better than the GH3 other than 4K ?

    Will it also have Wifi do you think ?

    Those are my concerns. So unless there is a quality upgrade for 1080p 60 fps, then I should buy the GH3.

    Your thoughts ?

    Thanks Erik

    Dick Osso
    BTW, have you shot the GH3 ? Do you have any reviews – testing…..printed out there ?

    • Erik Naso says:

      Hi Dick.

      For now look at 4K as a way to reframe in post. Also down sampling will give you a very clean image. Always good to start with a larger image. 4K is the future but yes it’s in its early stages now. As compression gets better it will be the new HD. Check out my hands on review of the Gh3. Great camera.


      • Dick Osso says:

        Hi Erik

        Thank you for getting back to me….appreciated. Glad to read that you like the GH3. For me, it sounds like the migration of usage is still going to be many months…a couple of years before I might have direct application….unless….the Compressor boys figure out the right MATH.

        I will go through your review after my edit session, but the APP for the iPad control…Wifi control of the GH3….”It will allow me to ZOOM among the other Record-Stop functions in the GH3 ?

        Or are there real limits what it can or cannot do ?

        If I set this on the pole, being able to ZOOM in….TURN On….TURN OFF is critical.

        Lastly, you like the quality of the video ?

        Thanks Erik

        Dick Osso
        Looking forward to your other reviews as they come along.

        • Erik Naso says:

          Not sure if you can zoom with the WiFi app. Video quality is one of the best for hybrid stills/video camera.

          • Dick Osso says:

            Hi Erik

            I watched the video of some testing the GH3 using the Wifi connected with the iPad and using the ZOOM feature. That video can be found here:

            Listening to him, he purchased a Panasonic Power Zoom. It is only $325 12-35mm

            The lens I was looking at was the 12-35mm F2.8….considerably more money….as camera and lens are $2028.

            My question to you is this. Indoor video of stage performances, is this Power Zoom lens with an aperture of 1.4 (maybe)…..not worth getting besides the good lens ? I am not a photographer but an Event Videographer.

            Do you think the quality of the video will suffer much ?

            I really liked your video of the park you went to and recorded a bunch of musicians.

            I am getting closer to buying the GH3. Your thoughts on this OTHER lens will be very helpful.

            Thanks Erik
            Dick Osso

          • Erik Naso says:

            I don’t have those Power Zooms but I do know that the zoom function doesn’t work with the 12-35 via Wi-Fi. As for quality I think it’s probably fine. The variable f-stop could be an issue.

          • Dick Osso says:

            Again, thank you about the POWER ZOOM…..I thought it would be nice to have the ability to ZOOM as I saw it in that video, but the better lens supersedes the Zoom as it is all about the quality of the footage.

            Thank you again Erik

            Dick Osso

          • Dick Osso says:

            Hi Erik

            After watching your video, I also watched that you used a shotgun mic that was pretty nice. We do a lot of weddings among other EVENTS. Replacing our Sony Z7U video camera with the Panasonic GH3, one of the issues is that we use a Sony Wireless Mic attached to the groom. I have to mount the receiver and run the cable into whatever camera we use.

            With all your experience, do you know how we would attach an XLR feed into the GH3 ? Would it be a Stereo Mini male plug that would feed into the GH3 ? Is that what the PLUG into the GH3 you had when you used that shotgun mic ?

            I am also taken a great interest in buying a Glider where I can attach the GH3 and create Dolly shots. This company now has control modules to uniformly move the camera on the rails for smooth shots.

            If you plug in the 2 addresses below, you’ll see what the product is.

            So instead of buying the GH3 for 3rd camera status, if I can find a way to get a Sony wireless mic into the GH3, and having a tripod that works, I might be convinced to move to the GH3 for the Second camera at a wedding having the Glider for animated, smooth shots not able to do in the past.

            Thanks Erik
            Dick Osso



    • Bruce Reynolds says:

      Dick Osso The GH3 on the pole would be a nice POV. I don’t know if you already know it but in doing video by WiFi once you start the video you can’t see the picture anymore or stop the camera. Still pics are fine, you can take one and still see what’s going on.

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