Zacuto Gratical X Feature Install Tutorial and Hands On Review

July 29, 20158 Comments

me with Gratical X

The less expensive Zacuto Gratical X is here! It’s the exact same EVF as the Gratical HD only ships with no on-board tools or features added to keep the price down. This is a great option if you want the excellent image quality of the Gratical HD but couldn’t afford the full featured model. I get that, and this could be a great way to solve that problem. Just remember if you want too many features then it would be best to order the Gratical HD. The paid options do add up quickly.

Gratical X Store Cart

Some features do pass through from your camera so check to see what does and maybe focus on the ones that don’t. However some cameras like the A7s will make the image really small when you have the overlays on so that’s no good.

The image is sharp and clean. Without any focus assist features I was able to nail focus no problem even with the A7s in S-log2. Would I like the LUT feature? You bet I would, and a few other features too, but I don’t think I need all of them and if I decide I do need a particular feature the process of buying and downloading is easy. More on that in second.

The overall build is also impressive but not heavy. It’s a solid EVF that is built to last. My only complaint is battery life with the LP-E6 battery. 3-4 hours depending on features used so stock up on them to get through the day or pick up the dummy battery with D-Tap if you can run it in that configuration.

Gratical X With glasses

Unfortunately I have to wear reading glass and the Gratical X eyepiece is the first that I can actually uses with my glasses on. That is a relief and for the folks that wear glasses all the time you will enjoy how well it works. The eyepiece has great coverage and is soft and pliable. The diopter has plenty of range to dial in too if I don’t wear my glasses. Best of both worlds.

Custom Scaling/User Presets
Zebra Stripes – Customize width, color, thresholds
Waveform (3D)
Histogram (RGB, Luma)
Audio Meters
LUT import and editing
Red Line Peaking (multi-color)
False Color
Frame Store Feature
HDMI output
SDI output
Cross Conversion – HDMI to HD-SDI, independent LUT on output stream

Now lets dive into registering and buying features then installing them on a brand new Gratcal X. It’s a very easy procedure to perform as you will see in this demo and hands on review. Lets get started!

See that’s easy right? If the Gratical X is for you please use this link to pick one up and also get a FREE feature too! Use this code. NASOframe. Valid thru the end of August. The coupon can be used just like a regular store coupon. When you go to checkout there’s a spot for a promo code. Only thing to note is that the feature won’t appear in the your cart. It will get added to the software package when you check out.

Gratical X And SmallHD

How do you pick just one!

Now I’m sure you want to know what’s a better choice the SmallHD 502 with the Sidefinder or the Gratical X. Well I just so happen to have both in hand and….. I’ll be posting that very soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Mark Yamamoto says:

    Cool review. Thanks. How does the Odyssey 7 4K recorder fit into this setup?

    • Erik Naso says:

      I set the GH4 to UHD 10 bit and sent it to the 7Q+. I used ProRes 422. No heavy grading needed. My MacBook Pro liked the ProRes files a lot. It edited easily. I shot most of the b-roll with the Sony a6000. Thats a cool little camera!

      • Mark Yamamoto says:

        Great. Probably a dumb question, but what I meant to say is can you use the Gratical X on the a7S and also record 4K with the Odyssey?

        • Erik Naso says:

          No. Since the Gratical doesn’t down convert 4K or loop 4K it wouldn’t work. This would get messy. Feed the A7s into the 7Q+ and set the output of the 7Q+ to HD then send that to the Gractical. Ugh. I’m tangled in HDMI cables! I haven’t tested this but it should work.

  2. Dan V says:

    Hi Erik,

    when are you posting the Small HD Sidefinder review?



    • Erik Naso says:

      Working on it. Wish I had more time. I just finished Zacuto Gratical and now finishing my Aputure Light Storm review. Oh!, and I do have a full time job too! 😀

  3. Ahmet says:

    Please Help !!!!!The biggest polbrem I have, is I shoot so much my clips often perform a whole re-cycle of the file names. This is an issue as I have x2 60d, a 5d and a 7d. With all these cameras out on location daily, often they come back with the same clip name. I wish I could add an extension to the file naming in-camera’ so every clip started with a or or or etc ..Does any one else have this issue?????

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